The Quote Quarrel

“To Be or Not To Be?” 

How often do we stand alone on crossroads?

waiting to make a decision with past shadows.

Whom would you consult?, who would you run to?,

I ran to the good old Quotes, I’ve gathered few.

Holding my ground, despite hanging with my predicament,

I set out to discover how truly most quotes implement.

“Two is company, three is crowd”, they said,

How about, “The more, the merrier”, instead?

“Save for a rainy day”, came an advice yesterday,

“Tomorrow will take care of itself”, as a child’s play.

“Curiosity killed the cat”, they blamed,

“Seek and ye shall find”, not ashamed.

“Time waits for no man”, said the leaving tide,

But, “haste makes waste”, why don’t you abide?

I could go on to point out how Quotes also Quarrel,

but opinion is not fact, please claim your own moral.



Why?, Why Cry?

If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will cherish the warmth of a bright summer day. ”

I’ll tell you my dear, I’ll tell you why, why I don’t hesitate to cry out my eyes,

I couldn’t answer your unnerving question, nor would you settle with lies.

Before I narrate to you why I rather decide to cry,

Tell me, tell me my dear why don’t you ever try?

You don’t seem to shush me when I laugh, why is it so?

Why is it that this other side of life is acknowledged low?

I cry, because I wouldn’t be able to laugh otherwise,

I wonder how you pull this miracle of a perfect disguise.

Tell me my dear, why would you rather have people you laugh?

Why don’t you decide whether your life is a show or a live half ?

Don’t you pardon me to be weak for I cry without fear,

But I’d rather advice you to consider to steer yourself clear.

I Cry, I Laugh, I Scream out Loud ,

Pretense? Sorry, I’m not that Proud.

The “Unknowns”.

For ever so long I have took solace in settling for the love of my poetic enthrallment. I believed lesser words could wrap up my bigger issues. I still strongly believe that.

But, I will resort to writing a purpose today. A seeking. With as much elaboration as possible. 

P.S. I hope a little bit of humor is okay with you, and no this isn’t about an alien invasion.

Like everybody else, well, most of us. For 9 months I lived alone, in utter darkness. Having no idea of the fact that I could never be more safe and protected than I was.Was I scared? Was I even aware? No Idea.

I managed to get out, eventually. Did I want to? Was I aware of my changing citizenship? Of course, no. Humans five times the size of me, all trying to get a hold of me. To be honest, I would be scared if I went through the same scenario again. Dead scared.

I grew 1x larger than earlier. Nope. Humans were still 4x larger than I was, and this time, feeding me with stuff I’m not even sure I like. Well, at this point there is no escaping anyway, right?

I kept growing. I didn’t know how to stop that process. So, I left it to the universe. Alert: I did not know what the word, “The Universe” meant at that age. I was probably three. If you’re thinking whether I knew arithmetic. Nope. I didn’t know that either.

I settled. I had to. To the world, I was brought into, brought up in. I started acknowledging people, tough job, believe me. I mean people apart from the wonderful woman who loved me, my mother.

But, she preferred sending me away to this horrible place. For 6 hours a day. Just to be with people who weren’t double my size.Finally, right? No, not a good thing.

I was upset with my mother for letting me go. “How could she do this to me?”. She did it anyway, later I learnt it was twice as hard for her to let me go than it was for me. She did it anyway.

I started liking school. Yeah, that’s what it was called. Silly, right? I found friends. Friends are people who you meet by accident and then decide to stick to them, completely random. It’s super cool.

I had to leave that place. Yes. The School. After 12 years of long um, suffering, they just let me go. I didn’t want to. At all. I cried. But, I gave up.

What I did not realise was I was being sent to this place called “college”. I loved college.I found friends, they just had different faces. Same people. But soon, they kicked me out of that place too! “This has got to stop!”.

Scared. Apprehensive. Same things. Oops. But, the fear of the unknown has been haunting me since forever. Change. That’s the word humans use. After all these “unknowns”, you’d think I would get used to this. You’re right. I would.

To conclude my bantering I would say, Our lives are nothing but a sum of wonderful “unknowns”. Believe me, they are wonderful. Make them wonderful. Mr.Universe out there, apologies, it could also be a Ms.Universe out there, is one cheery little being. She says she likes to surprise us. No wonder, right?


11 more minutes.

“The 11-minute walk at 11 in the mid-night by one lonely girl.”

It was 11’O Clock in the night, very late in the night.
I walked into darker streets, away from the city lights.

11 more minutes and I would reach my house,
by then I was already judged by the choice of my blouse.

I shudder as I hear footsteps gathering behind me,
9 more minutes until I would unlock my door key.

The voices in my head pleaded me to run, run far away and detour.
as frozen as ice I stood, before 7 shadows waiting to devour.

Pushed onto the ground, and forced to suppress my shout,
5 more minutes until I’m to be left as a lifeless doubt.

Agony or Apathy? What do I carry to my grave?
3 more minutes as I struggle to be brave.

11:11, I’m safe on my bed, and out of a bad dream,
as I go back to my sleep, being thankful to be born as a man.


Dear Dad,

“Not every Queen was a princess that has been.”

Dear Dad,

Other girls say, “I would prefer a man like my father”,
I sit here and wonder, whether I’d want the same.

Other girls say, “My father is my strength and my support”,
I sit mum, while I retrospect the times I needed you the most.

Other girls say, “My father says I’m his princess, forever and always”,
didn’t I deserve to be a princess daddy?, didn’t I deserve your love?

“Not every queen was a princess that has been”, says the boy I loved,
I could not be more pleased to tell you that he is nothing like you.

He said, “I’ll hold your hand, I’ll stand by you in sickness and health”,
I would like to believe him, but alas!, I recollect you promising the same.

As I sit here, holding my pen, writing everything I could never tell you,
left my life, you certainly did, but please erase your memories I interleave.


– A daughter that once was.

Wondering & Vanishing

“Wondering Memories, Vanishing Memories. Where do they summer?”

“Ma, I want to stay home today”, She had said,

Her mother was both surprised and rejoiced.

“Why would you rather stay home?”, questioned her conscience,

The daughter, was never so hesitant in her silence.

“My dear daughter, reply at once, who let my princess down?”

Dripping tears filled her eyes, as she adjusted her crown.

Her mother never raised her to be a coward,

She regained her smile, as her mother hovered.

“I promised I would take my mother for dinner”,

“Oh, did you. Why?, I don’t seem to remember”.

“Happy Birthday mother”, the daughter had finally wished,

Just as Alzheimer’s wondered, where her memory vanished.


“Serendipity simply stands for a happy accident. Serendipity is the need of the hour. Serendipity is what the human race needs.”

Consumed in a world, detached from substantiality,

I owe it to my devoted generosity towards the fantasy.

Such was my maneuver when I went about prevailing,

almost succeeding was my plot, only until the next stop.

The shut of the door, the wave of her saree, alas, a baby,

pink little shoes, tiny little bow, and a nudge from her mum.

That was all it took for her to slide her way across to me,

instinctive riddance of weapons of the 21st Century, I did.

Took myself by surprise, I am still certainly very much alive.

Begins the story, where she asks me for a story, How could I not?

 A tilt of her head to the left, a momentary dimple, much misprized.

Harry Potter meets Snow White, Rapunzel wins the Hunger Games,

such were my stories, all very misconstrued, yet adored, I believe.

Right when Cinderella gets to wear her leather jacket, I hear her mum say,

“She loved her sister very much”, but, unnoticed were the glistening tears.

As little Aditi waved goodbye to my dismal, I was left to wonder the tense,

the tense, the tone and the relief in her statement, as well a wave of wonder.

Consumed in a world detached from substantiality I still closely bore,

but now I owe it to my devoted generosity towards fantasy and more.

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