Dear Men,

“An excerpt from a never ending letter to Men, from Women”

Dear Men,

No, not you, and yes, you right there,
Here I refer to the ones who do care.

Not to the Father who believed I deserved no explanation,
But to the Grandfather who believed in my education.

Not to the Uncle who has subscribed me in matrimonial,
But to the Professor who has believed in my ordeal.

Not to the Brother who would rather I stay at home,
But to the Best friend who published my poem.

Not to the guy who claimed I was worth nailing,
But to the boy who thought I was worth saving.

Not all of you are worth appreciating,
But to some of you who are, there is no debating.

Grow in numbers, we need you, now more than ever,
All we are asking for is support for our endeavor.


Yours Equally,


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